Message By FGJAM President, Dato’ Chiah Hock Yew DSPN, PKT

Federation Of Goldsmiths And Jewellers Association Of Malaysia has entered its 45th year, and today it has been able to carry itself forward, thanks to the selfless dedication of its predecessors.

I was fortunate enough to be elected as the President of the General Conference on April 24 this year, carrying the goals and mission of the sages. In addition to being deeply honoured, I also feel the great responsibility. I believe that the new committees of this session all share the same goal as me, seek common ground in differences, and unite in the implementation of conference affairs in the next two years.

In the past few years, various fields in our country have been deeply affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, not only the business is sluggish, but also under varying degrees of pressure. Fortunately, the government approved the withdrawal of RM10,000 by EPF members this year, which has had a positive response to the cash flow in the domestic market.

In any case, my team and I will actively communicate with relevant government departments so that we can work together to promote economic recovery, and then seek more development policies that are beneficial to the gold industry.

Here, on behalf of the new board of committees, I promise to actively contact and cooperate with all affiliated associations, members and government departments, hoping to push the association to another peak.

总会长致词 拿督谢扶佑 DSPN, PKT